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Boat Lifts


New Lifts

We have our own brand name Props Up Boat Lifts, these are side mounted to your dock frames. We design and build the lifts using only the best components.

Our lifts are come in two sizes, 6,000Lb or 9,000Lb and with the amazing and unique feature that if you want to start with a smaller size and are concerned about the future, we can upgrade your lift to the next size. So in summary you can initially purchase a 6,000Lb lift and in a couple of years upgrade to a 9,000Lb without having to make such an investment again and not worrying about selling your current lift.

All lifts include:

- Rough-Water Kits

- Triple Riser Bunk Systems for hull support

- Triple Adjustable Wind Guide System for easier boat loading,

- First-Mate One Step Control box


15 year -Lift Tanks, 5 year -Frames/Box, 2 year - Control Box.

We offer 2 Lift sizes.

6,000lb Lift and 9,000lb Lift.


Used Lifts

If you are looking for something under a budget don't hesitate to give us a call and find out about our used lifts available.


Lift Repairs

Whether it's a punctured lift tank, a broken hose, cracked or bent parts we can take care of it.

Give us a call and let us know what issue you are having.


Jet Ski Ports

At Boat Dock World, we are dealers for Connect-A-Port/Dandy Docks and Hydrohoist.

Boat Lifts: Products
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