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New Docks

We Are Dedicated to Building the Highest Quality of Docks for Each Personal Need

10 Slip Community Dock

Side load design, we use 2' x 2' concrete tile for a longer lasting life time, lockers at the end of each finger, bumpers and treated wood along the edges for mayor boat protection and safety the dock with 2 land anchors and 4 sea anchors.

2 Slip Private Dock

This is our side load design with a half covered swim deck, 60' ramp with composite, 2' x 2' concrete tile decking and composite skirting for a more appealing look and protection of the boats, this particular dock has 2 sSki Ports and Solar Power.

2 Slip Private Dock

Our customers favourite design and recommended for open water docks.
All our new docks come with a new wet steps ladder for more comfort and style in your brand new dock.
As us about our other dock designs!

New Docks: Projects
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